Steel is a remarkable material for Architectural Windows and Doors ✧ Combined with our heating glass, it is superbly efficient ✧ Radiant Heating Glass is a tempered piece of glass with an invisible metal coating. The resistive qualities of the coating creates radiant heat when a controlled electric current is applied to the conductive coating. The electric current in the resistive coating generates radiant energy which warms the glass until the glass radiates heat in the infrared range. The radiant heat does not directly heat the air. Radiant heating glass heats the objects and people in the room and has an efficiency at least 25% greater than forced hot air systems. FOR MORE INFORMATION: IQ RADIANT GLASS™

Steel Windows ✧ IQ Radiant Glass

Steel Windows ✧ IQ Radiant Glass

IQ Radiant Glass™and Steel Window Systems

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Producing Exquisite Thermal Comfort ✧ IQ Steel Window & Door Series ✧ High Performance IQ Radiant Glass Windows

On your next window project we invite you to submit your design ideas and we will be pleased to submit suggestions using our ultra-high performance steel windows and doors. All of our windows and doors can become heating assets in cold weather with the use of our heating glass system. Combined with solar we can help you achieve NET ZERO


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